How To Use Twine

Twine can start video calls, share content, and help you manage your meetings. From the slack Desktop or Mobile app, find twine in your direct messages and try these commands:

In Slack, type “Calendar Setup” in a direct message with Twine to authorize calendar sharing. You will receive notifications about upcoming meetings, view your entire calendar, and join meetings right from Slack.


You can mute calendar notifications by typing “turn off notifications” . Unmute by typing “turn on notifications”.


Review your Agenda/ Book a Room


Each day, when getting started with Slack you can type:


"what's on my calendar today?"

...and you will get the day’s schedule.


When you need to switch rooms or schedule or extend a meeting room you can tell Twine::

"book a room"

"I need a new room"

"Someone is in my room"

My meeting is running long

...and Twine will help you select from the conference rooms your calendar has access to.



Start a Twine Video Call from Slack


In a direct message with Twine, type “call @joe” to invite any team member to a video call.


...invite multiple people by specifying more than one name:

Call @joe @bobby @sue


To call an individual outside your Slack team or organization:

Call [email protected]


To invite everyone in a channel to a call:

call #channelname



You can invoke Twine from a public or private channel too! Remember to invite Twine to that channel first:


To invite Twine to a channel use the "/invite" slash command:

Type “/invite @twine” in the desired channel


To invite an entire channel to a Twine meeting type:

@twine call @channel


To invite a single team member to a Twine call from a channel, type "@twine call @joe".



Share your Screen with Twine Device


Type “share” or “present” from the twine direct message, then select which Twine device you want to screenshare with.

You will get a response “The Twine device is ready for sharing, simply click the link below”, go ahead and tap “Twine Screen Share” (or you can Disconnect).

You can also initiate screen sharing from the Slack channel linked with your Twine device by typing “share” -  you will get a similar series of screens, without the need to specify which device you want to screenshare with.


Share a file or document with Twine Device

Instead of sharing your entire screen, you can share individual documents, presentations, pdfs, or images with the Twine device from your laptop or from Slack on your iPhone or Android.


From the Slack desktop app, drag and drop a file into a direct message with Twine or into a channel linked with a Twine device.


From the Slack mobile app click on the file icon in a direct message with Twine or a channel linked with a Twine device.


Contact us anytime with questions or problems.

I don’t hear any audio/ the speaker isn’t working.


Make sure the speaker is powered on and you see a blue light indicating that it is paired with the Twine hardware. If the speaker refuses to pair, unplug Twine, power the speaker off and then on again. Plug Twine back in.



Twine is frozen. Nothing happens when I type a command in Slack.


In the channel for the Twine device, type “reset” and the device will be re-booted.  If the hardware still does not respond, unplug the Twine device and power back on.



The picture looks funny. It’s the wrong resolution.


Twine may have powered on before your TV.... Unplug Twine, make sure you TV is powered on and set to the correct input. Plug Twine back in.



Video calls are choppy, poor quality.


This is most often due to poor WiFi connectivity. Make sure you have a strong WiFi signal in the room. Some displays have shielding which can interfere with radio signals...Try using the HDMI extension to reposition Twine,


Using a wired ethernet connection will also improve quality.



I don’t have WIFI at this location/office.


Use the included ethernet adapter.



When Twine shows my calendar the times are incorrect.


Make sure you have set your timezone correctly in your Slack team settings.



For other support topics visit our online Knowledge Base at




Twine Hardware - First Time Setup

1. Add Twine to Slack

In order to control the Twine hardware from Slack you need to add the Twine integration. Click the add to Slack button above and follow the instructions. Once you are finished, you will see Twine in your direct messages.


Remember, the bot is useful on its own, but the Twine Slack bot is really meant to be paired with our amazing hardware for all kinds of meeting magic.


2. Connect your camera and speaker

Connect the USB camera to an available port on the Twine stick.


Plug the speaker into an outlet using the included AC adapter and turn the speaker on. The speaker will connect to Twine using Bluetooth allowing you to place the speaker in an optimal location in your meeting room.


3. Connect your Twine hardware to an available HDMI port

Connect your Twine hardware to an available HDMI port on your conference room screen. Depending on the location of your HDMI port you may want to use the included HDMI extension cable.  You will also need to switch the HDMI input on your TV t0 the port where you have plugged in the Twine device.


4. Power up your Twine device

Turn on the power to your TV and then plug in Twine using the AC adapter. Once the device has successfully booted up you will see the Twine logo and a message to configure your network.


5. Connect Twine to your Wireless or Wired Network

You can use your Twine device with either WiFi or a wired network.


(A) To setup WiFi: You will see a “Network Setup required” message on your TV screen with temporary WiFi information. On a laptop or mobile device connect to the temporary Wi-Fi network and enter the password you see on the screen. Follow the prompts to connect Twine to your WiFi network. Once you are connected, disconnect your laptop or mobile device from the temporary WiFi.


(B) To setup a wired internet connection: Use the included USB ethernet adapter to connect your Twine hardware using a standard ethernet cable. Once you have plugged in the USB adapter and ethernet cable, unplug the power to the Twine device and then power back on to detect the ethernet connection.


6. Configure Device Name and Calendar

You will see a “Twine Device Not Yet Configured” message on your TV screen with a device setup code. On your laptop or mobile device, go to Slack, and in your direct messages with Twine type the setup command you see on the screen.


Once you have entered the setup code in Slack, click the “Twine Device Setup” link and follow the setup instructions to name your device and connect your calendar.


Twine can connect to your Google calendar to help you book rooms, and avoid scheduling conflicts. Click “Yes” to link Twine to a calendar resource, or click “No” to simply name the device and continue.


*It is highly recommended that you link Twine to your calendar resource to get the most out of your new Twine hardware


A note on linked channels:

You should now see a new channel in Slack corresponding to your Twine device…. You can interact with Twine from this linked channel or from your direct messages.




Step 1. Click the button.





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How To Use Twine
Twine Hardware - First Time Setup
How To Use Twine
Twine Hardware - First Time Setup
How To Use Twine
Twine Hardware - First Time Setup
How To Use Twine
Twine Hardware - First Time Setup
How To Use Twine
Twine Hardware - First Time Setup
How To Use Twine
Twine Hardware - First Time Setup